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2070-05 Barristers Chamber Sofa

This product is no longer available.
30h    126w    56d   
Seat: 17h    22d    30arm h.

Have a seat..there is alot to say about this Unique Sofa! The original of this 19th Century curved end sofa we found in a Barristers chamber off of Chancery Lane in London. We were Inspired so much by it Originality, it's Uniqueness.... we of course had no choice but to reproduce it! We decided to make our back a little taller and made our width about a full seat wider and adding 1 more set of legs for support. This item can be used as a single or for larger areas you can position the shorter curved ends together for a larger "U" shape sectional or be bodacious is space allows and put the 2 straight ends together for a larger than life sofa! Estimated 8-12 weeks production time ALL SALES ARE FINAL Freight Fees are addtional

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