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OHT Direct Offerings

Our online Factory Store consists of showroom samples, one of a kind items, and special purchase items. Items shown are only available at certain quantities to single items. We apologize, we are unable to fulfill any special orders through the online factory store. Please contact a dealer nearest you for special orders.

And check back often for new additions.

02 Table

03 Table

1099-01 Chair **SOLD**

1140-04 Sofa **SOLD**

1141-01 Chair

1250-01 Chair

156 Desk Chair

2100 Black Fur Chair

2100 Chair

2100 Flower Print Chair

2101 Ottoman

2101 Denim Ottoman

271 Black Leather Chair **SOLD**

275-01 Chair

318 Ottoman **SOLD**


466 Ottoman **SOLD**

4875 Swivel Fringe **SOLD**

4875-76 Brown

495-01 Chair

5020A Chair

513-01 Chair

513-01 Green

6696-01 Chair
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